Set Profile Pic for Email Account

Hi @Jarland, Is there a way to set profile pic (either your face or brand) to your email account so people can see your picture when you email them? (you know, like gmail has)

There’s actually no email standard for such a function. For Gmail it’s part of their web-based email client software and connected social network software (formerly Google+). Though it sometimes might be displayed in other email clients that have been designed to work specifically with Google’s integrations, there otherwise exists no standard by which such a thing can be implemented in any way that would be viewed with any consistency by recipients.

The next closest thing would probably be Gravatar, but it would also be limited to software designed to utilize it.

Thanks for the reply here. Bummer, someone ought to make a software for email where the profile pic cam be shown on all major email types and put it on appsumo. LOL. I’d buy!