Roundcube branding and auto-empty send and trash


I just started using, was a quick and easy setup.

Im using webmail throught my own domain and as i understand, it forces me to use roundcube when i visit “”. is there a way to do some simple branding? (change logo and product name in login screen for example).

Im allso interested in knowing if theres a way to automatically setup all my email accounts to empty send emails and deleted emails every 65 days (save disk space).

Thanks for any help.

Our Roundcube at servername/webmail which can be used as a custom webmail.yourdomain.tld subdomain is a shared instance with no significant knowledge of the URL calling it, so no options for branding it. You might be interested in Crossbox for that:

Note that Crossbox is licensed software and not specifically managed by us. However, we are paying for it, might as well enjoy it if you like it.

For auto clearing trash, that would have to be done from the client side as we have no automatically recurring functions that execute on an interval on behalf of customers.