Right folder for spam


I’m newbie in MXRoute and I’m confused in setting for spam folder.
What is right spam folder when I activate SpamAssassin and set ‘Send the spam to the user’s spam folder’ in DirectAdmin? Is it INBOX.spam (subfolder of INBOX) or another separate folder (SPAM, Junk, etc.)?
Can I choose folder which was use for moving SPAM in DirectAdmin?



Great question!

When you enable that feature in the rspamd settings (also called SpamAssassin settings but is actually rspamd on the back-end), mail will be moved to the INBOX.spam folder. This is not adjustable on your side, but you may be able to manipulate the behavior with filters (set in Roundcube under Settings > Filters).

It’s part of the Dovecot config. While changing that setting may please half the users, it would then confuse the other half. There’s no global setting that can meet everyone’s expectations on that because there’s no universal standard utilized by all email clients.

Hi Jarland,

thank for your answer. I understand that the right folder for spam is INBOX.spam. That’s the information I needed :slight_smile:

I did some tests and I found, that my confusion was caused by Rainloop, because after first login, Rainloop make separate folder ‘Junk E-mail’. Roundcube does everything correctly when you first login, but Rainloop does not.


P.S.: Ability to create filters in Roundcube to move it to another folder is interesting and users can use it if they want.

Hi, @Jarland,

Where does INBOX.spam setting come from? Does it come directly from DirectAdmin or from Rspamd?

According to this DA Feature, we can move default spam folder from from INBOX.spam to Junk

Thank you for the explanation. I understand now. And fortunately I can toggle Inbox folder to hide the spam folder. :slight_smile: