Reset two-factor authentication

I set up my MXroute account with 2FA (for the DirectAdmin portion). I had to factory reset my phone a while back and haven’t needed to log back in to MXroute until now to adjust some settings. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the 2FA code now as a result. Is there a way to get this reset?

The admins can PM me for whatever information they need to confirm my account. Thanks in advance.

This is a bit difficult as configuring two-factor authentication is requesting that we not allow access without the generated code or the scratch codes that can be generated in the panel as backups. The only way to fulfill this request is to announce that this security method is not secure and will be overridden on request.

Hi Jarland! Thanks for the reply. So essentially, what are my options?

Hey @Jarland! Just checking back in on this. If you have a moment to reply it would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help!

That is actually an interesting question, as it can always happen that phone gets lost and alternative codes are not accessible anymore for whatever reason (I just printed out mine…)
Never happened to me, but I’m also constantly afraid of it.
Would there be a confirmation possible via phone call for instance? I could imagine to put a phone number in the admin panel where I get a call reading a code to me I have to type in. Stolen SIM cards usually gets replaced with the same number. Landline is no problem anyway, as long as kept up to date.
That would be relatively easy to implement with asterisk for instance. I did implement that for another service to identify customers who forget to bring their customer rfid card for a gym.
What something like this be possible or are cases too rare?

I don’t know what I’ll need to verify your identity at this stage. May be best to reach out at

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