Reseller questions


Warning: Long one.

Background: New customer of reseller account. I have read part of the official documentation and lots of posts here, so please forgive me if something has been already answered.

I run few small Exim/Postfix servers for some customers; I’m just tired of fighting incoming SPAM and MXroute reputation is so good overall that I’m willing to try.

As a provider I need to know many things before start using another provider, both to behave well with my host and to guarantee a good level of service to my customers. And I understand that I have no control over the servers and that my host cannot do everything I may like or need. Knowing before is better.


  1. Is there a brute force password protection on MXroute? I have had mailboxes hacked before, so I currently block source IPs after x failed logins and that stopped the problem. I don’t want to send SPAM and ruin sender reputations, but I cannot control every mailbox user. Inconvenient? Yes. Effective? Yes.

  2. What happens if I fill my reseller account? More to the point: Can I upgrade to get more space? Migrating to a new MXroute account with imapsync to get more space is not fun. Moving to another server or provider because I reached the max storage is even less fun.

  3. Can I have more than 1 reseller account?

  4. Are the email messages compressed in the server storage? I need to calculate the storage needed to migrate some customers and I currently store them compressed.

  5. Is it possible to use MXroute with Split Domain Routing? At least to allow migration with domains where a date of change cannot be easily set for some reason. I have had some of those before. Even if MXroute server accepts my old server as a relay as I can configure the old server properly.

  6. Let’s say that I have on MXroute (lisa) and start the migration of to the same server. DNS is fully working pointing to my old source server (oldserver1). Will emails sent from any domain in lisa end up at the proper mailboxes at oldserver1? Some servers are configured to do local delivery on hosted domains but for migrations I need MX delivery.

  7. What happens if for whatever reason MXroute doesn’t like me and I need to go elsewhere? Will you wait until I move out? Will you give me a backup? An account suspension without enough time will be devastating.

I may have more questions later, but a new post should be better.

Thank you

Yes. The limit was 150 per hour then blocked. I believe that it was loosened a bit. Jarland will need to confirm the current limits.

I have in the past had multiple accounts (non-reseller) so I would imagine that would be no different with reseller.

As a reseller, and as a current postmaster for your own servers, you should know better than most how despicable spam is. So, I would imagine that you will not be spamming and will not have any reason to do so. Now, your clients are a different thing. You cannot control their actions, and therefore Jarland will not hold you to account for them, unless you seem to have really bad judgment and accumulate dozens of spammers. Jarland’s policy is to disable compromised accounts temporarily until the owner fixes the issue. If an account is disabled by Jarland for spamming - there will be no question that this is what has happened. You will be asked to terminate that customer. So, I cannot ever imagine the scenario where “MXRoute will not like you and you need to go elsewhere”, unless you have bad intentions from the start - which in everything you wrote so far, I highly doubt. :slight_smile:

I only tackled a couple of your questions – I am leaving the tough ones for Jarland!

Thank you for your answers and time!

  • 150 per hour is fine. I t is much higher than what I use.

  • That handling of SPAM is fair, no problem.

I am very interested in knowing more and help whenever I can and free time allows me.

Intentional is the main word here. Again, very fair.
Thank you.

Straight from Jarland, posted on LET.

@dedipromo said:
One question before signing up for the reseller plan - if an end user was caught spamming, will that specific e-mail address be suspended, or that user account will be suspended, or the whole reseller account will be affected? As far as I understand, the reseller does not have any way to control what the end user are doing with the server.

If intentional I’ll suspend the sub user, the one you resold to, and ask you to remove them. If not intentional, I’ll change their password and notify you.

People who don’t walk in my shoes often question if I’m capable of accurately determining intent in these cases, I very much am. It’s pretty easy, intentional spammers leave very clear contextual clues that are not open to interpretation. Example: