[Reseller] In case of confirmed spam outbound, how wide will the regulation be applied?

Let’s say I have a few clients with each different domain and all, under my Reseller plan. And then if one mail account user out of those clients was confirmed to have send spam mails with malicious intent, would the whole services under my Reseller account get frozen, or just for that client, or just for that domain, or for that one mail account user?

And would it be any different from how it would’ve been under the regular plan? (e.g: In the case I had multiple domains assigned to my regular Large plan and one of the mail account was found to be sending the spam mails with malicious intent.)

The goal is to start with the least destructive action and escalate only as necessary. Here are some examples:

If an email user that has a compromised email account used to send spam, that email account has it’s password changed.

If you’ve resold to a user that is intentionally spamming, that resold account is suspended.

If you are a spammer and intentionally spamming, your entire account is terminated. No mistakes are made on this, any room for doubt is treated as the first scenario above.

In any case that action is taken, you will receive an email detailing the action and if possible logs of the event. In the case of you reselling to an intentional spammer, it will include a request that you remove the user immediately.