Rainloop on cPanel

I’m probably a bit more tech savvy than the average person but I’m hardly a coder or anything. I was able to set up MXroute myself with DNS and all that and run it fairly proficiently.

I would like to use Rainloop for webmail. Is it available through cpanel? Or maybe through the Nextcloud functionality? If it is, I haven’t been able to find it. I think installing my own instance of it is probably over my head, so if it’s not already available, then I’ll just probably have to live with that.

I’m on the friday server, if that matters.

Thanks for any help.

I never did get Rainloop packaged in a decent way on the cPanel boxes, but I think you might be able to set it up easier than you think. When you break it down, it’s one of the simplest web applications to install. If you spin up a VPS with at least 512MB of memory I think that would do it. DigitalOcean, Linode, RamNode, BuyVM, Vultr, all good choices. Check out this tutorial:


Thanks. I’m a bit amazed but I seem to have gotten it set up using a cheap Digital Ocean VPS. Appreciate the help and the feedback.


I have even installed Rainloop on shared hosting and it has worked just fine. Of course, I was the sole user so there was not much traffic.

If you need someone to install and configure Rainloop for you either on shared hosting or a vps, or just want to have someone host it for you (again either vps or shared hosting) I am available to do either for you at an affordable rate. Feel free to reach out if so desired.