Pre Sales Question

With the few domains I own I use one as a catch-all. Kind of like a throw-away email service but only for myself. It does not receive a lot of mail and I always just create email addresses on the fly to be sent to that catch-all box. Every now and then I have to reply to an email but need to change the From field to send the reply. I have seen this in Roundcube with a plugin that allows you to type in the From field manually per each message. Do any of your web email clients support this?

Thank you

Great question! We do support this in Roundcube under Settings > Identities. If you create different identities, you can select them from a dropdown box when sending an email through the client. Note that this isn’t quite the same as you mentioned, and might be inconvenient if you need to continually send from new addresses on the fly.

Jar: Thank you for the the quick reply. I had a feeling this might be the answer but that is okay. Like I said I do not have to reply that often. Just nice to have a quick way of doing it.

If you use thunderbird, you can do this on the fly in the client without creating a separate identity.

dso: Thank you for suggesting this. I will look into this.