Ports and Subdomains

Is there any information anywhere as to what ports, subdomains and settings one should use?

on signup I got:

IMAP Server: arrow.mxrouting.net
SMTP Server: arrow.mxrouting.net

IMAP PORTS: 993 (SSL), 143 (non-encrypted)
SMTP PORTS: 465 (SSL), 25 (non-encrypted), 587 (STARTTLS),
POP3 PORTS: 995 (SSL), 110 (non-encrypted)

upon creating an email I got:

Username: brad@XXXXXX.ca
POP/IMAP Server: mail.XXXXX.ca
SMTP Server: mail.XXXXXX.ca port 587

some conflicting information and blanks.

Not sure I understand your question correctly, but the Importand Account Information email is correct.
And you can use mail.yourowndomain … :slight_smile:

Ref: https://mxroutehelp.com/index.php/2019/08/25/custom-webmail-pop-imap-smtp-domain/

The “Important Account Information” email is the source of truth. The DirectAdmin control panel is a web hosting control panel that we’ve modified as much as reasonably possible so that we could outsource the frontend control panel, as our strengths lie more in backend mail server development than frontend interface development. So some of the things that the panel states will be from the perspective that it was originally intended for.

With that said, the details can be correct if you choose to use this guide: https://mxroutehelp.com/index.php/2019/08/25/custom-webmail-pop-imap-smtp-domain/

Thanks, I am in now. I have sent emails to/from my gmail account and haven’t seen either since in about 15 minutes.

I wan’t sure what I was supposed to be using for settings and wasn’t getting anywhere.

Perhaps you should add a point #5 to the Important Account Information email, “Disregard any system generated configuration settings”. Generally when a panel spits something out it is worth noting.

So the DNS A records for mail, pop and smtp are all pointless?

Also, for a forwarded email account, is 0 safe for a size, or should one set a token 1 or 10 megs?

You are not using the MXroute server’s DNS for anything. The option is left there only for us customers to find the DKIM keys. The important account info email contains all the vital info.
(The chosen panel, Direct Admin, is designed for web hosting, so not all options makes sense for MXroute’s setup.)
If you have further issues, the support chat might be the best option. :slight_smile:

You are not using the MXroute server’s DNS for anything.

Good to know, NOW.

Been trying to get mail in/out for the past couple of days.

You can create forwarders without creating an email account, if you don’t intend to store email on our servers for it.

There is nothing indicating MXroute provides a DNS service, or saying you should delegate NS to MXroute servers. :man_shrugging:

Not sure what you’re struggling with. As the web page say: “You will need to understand how to use DNS to use our service.”

So, at your DNS host (which would be the provider of the nameservers your domain defines at your registrar):
Setup MX records and SPF (TXT) record as provided (which you quoted from the import information email).

To check DNS use https://www.whatsmydns.net/
(Check NS to find authoritative nameservers, MX to check if the world sees your changes/what you set up, TXT to check SPF.)