confirmation email


When I tried to change my registered email at pornhub from a Gmail one to one from a mxroute address (see my profile), the e-mail address confirmation e-mail never arrives. Spamassasin has never been enabled on my account, and nothing is seen in my Junk folder either. I have to reuse my Gmail account back to have pornhub full functionality.


It seems that, for some reason, they’re using a third party to send these emails that has their IPs blacklisted at Barracuda. It looks like some hosting consulting company that the IPs belong to, not what I was expecting to see for an operation as large as PH.

I think, emphasis on think, I’ve excluded them but they’re rotating IPs and may have others. If you exchange any words with them, might want to tell them these are on barracuda RBL as that means many more people are not receiving their emails as well, barracuda not being a standard for Gmail but being a standard for a lot of others.

These are the IPs: