Policy when migrating email addresses from old promotion/rewards system

We’re a local bike shop, just launched our own app to communicate with customers, offer reward points, etc. We previously used a third party (fivestars.com) that, I just discovered, didn’t do 2-step opt-in.

I obviously don’t want to just assume everyone in there is actually OK to contact by email, and I also don’t want to completely throw that info away. I’m wondering about just finishing the two-step by sending out a “click here to confirm your subscription” email. I feel like that’s friendlier to people than asking them to start over just because we changed providers. Thoughts?


I would think that would be reasonable as it appears that these all are people who DID sign up with you, correct?

I am curious what the terms of the fivestars signup were? Was it indicated that the users would receive emails? Were they able to opt out at that time? If so, I would think that this would be within the spirit if not the letter of the MXroute Spam Policy, but only @Jarland can make that call.

I think that’s fair.

Thanks. Yes, Fivestars is clear that users will receive emails, they just apparently don’t do a double optin to confirm.

And yes, we’re talking people who signed up in person.

Thanks so much! I’ll implement that this weekend and push out the confirmation emails on Monday.