Please Be Honest If You're Reaching out for Help

From the MXRoute Slack … something that needs to be kept in mind any time you are speaking with support for anything - not just specifically MXRoute.

Jarland Donnell [9:59 PM]
There was a conversation here that has since been removed to protect the identity of the customer involved, because I’m going to say something about them that isn’t positive and they won’t be able to offer a rebuttal, therefore their name should not be present.

A customer came here today and claimed to have followed our DKIM tutorial. I knew he was lying, he knew he was lying, but he insisted that he followed it and that it didn’t work.I went deep into the issue and started digging into the server, running the DNS entries, and doing comparisons like I said in the tutorial I wouldn’t do (because it’s always user error, and it’s really easy to make an error, so you just need to read more slowly and try again).At the end of it, the customer admitted to not following the tutorial at all, and forced me to go through this lengthy process because he had chosen to lie. The customer has been removed from Slack.

Please do not lie to us when we’re trying to help you, it upsets me greatly and it cannot be sustained.

Now I am not certain that I am going to agree that the customer was lying, but the customer CLEARLY acted as though he knew what he was doing when it was obvious that he DID NOT.

So please…if you are reaching out for help, do not act like a know it all. It makes for a more pleasant world for the parties on either side of the conversation if you don’t.