Phantom Folders

When I first setup our account I added folders using Thunderbird as an IMAP client. When I closed Thunderbird and reopened, the folders show up as italics and grayed out. I was able to go in through roundcube and subscribe which also caused a new set of the folders to show up and be accessible in Thunderbird.
The original folders are still showing up as phantom and cannot be subscribed to or accessed through any mail client. I have checked everything on the local computer, deleted the files in the client and int he file folder, and created a new profile but these seem to be coming from the server side. It appears they are on the server and in looking at info, it says we need to check if “.mailboxlist” and/or “.mlbxlsttmp” file in your root directory has the Thunderbird phantom folders. Is there a way I can access these directories to clean up the corrupt folders so they do not continue to appear? Thanks!

Same thing happening on echo. Did you manage to fix it somehow?

I recently encountered the same issue on echo. I was able to resolve the issue via DirectAdmin. The route I took was somewhat circuitous…

  1. E-mail Manager
  2. Rspamd Setup
  3. Manually edit the config file yourself
  4. Close Editor
  5. imap
  6. [your domain here]
  7. [your username here]
  8. Maildir
  9. Right click “subscriptions” and Edit
  10. Remove the “phantom” folders from the list and Save

Once you restart Thunderbird and sync, they should be gone. I haven’t noticed any ill-effects so far.

Sneaky way into the file manager :slight_smile: