PayPal Automatic Recurring Payment Setup for account

I recently signed up to MXRoute and paid with PayPal - I’m being bugged to pay my 2nd invoice (not quite due yet) but is automatic recurring payment not set on join? I can’t see anything in my PayPal but I don’t want to add a credit card if it’s coming out there. Just a little confused and looking for some direction.

If not setup in PayPal, is there a way to do so?

Sadly the only way I can offer automatic recurring payment is via credit card. We used to offer it via PayPal subscription, but no matter what extent I went to in order to inform people that they didn’t have to pay the invoice because they had a subscription, so many people would end up manually paying it before the subscription did that it was nearing the point of having to hire someone just to constantly process refunds :frowning:

OK, Im stumped. I added a credit card but I can’t find a way to make my account with a reccuring payment.

A little help please

No worries, it should bill to that card automatically when the invoice is next due.