Outgoing emails not signed with DKIM on Friday


I’ve been using DKIM fine on Friday (a legacy cPanel server) for a year or so now. Over the last few hours though, I noticed an email went out without being signed for DKIM, and all emails I’ve sent to mail-tester since (3) were not DKIM signed.

There haven’t been any changes to my config recently, and cPanel still says DKIM is enabled. Checked with my local Outlook (SMTP) and with Roundcube on cPanel, but no difference.

Any ideas what might be causing this, and/or how to fix it?


Can you let me know if I just fixed it for you? I think I found the culprit and I’ll go into it further if you can confirm.

Yes, thank you! Whatever you just did fixed DKIM signing, at least on the one test email I just sent.