Outbound emails sporadically ending up in spam

I’ve been notified by a few companies recently that emails I’ve sent to them have ended up in their quarantine / spam folders. I route my incoming email through mxguarddog for spam filtering which all appears to be working fine.

I don’t suppose anyone can point me in the right direction to figure out what’s going wrong? My email domain is ckmo.re


Not really. Nobody would know what the reasoning is that their incoming mail filters are marking your mails as spam. … it could be content, or lack of content. It is really difficult to tell.

You could send a test mail to the email account indicated in this testing tool:

However, I see that you do not have a DKIM record - which is fine, but that tester will mark your score down because of it. Perhaps adding a DKIM record would help? It is anyone’s guess. Which MXroute server are you on?

Also take a look at this current thread …

Hey @Alento thanks for the info, I used mail-tester and got 9/10 with the only ‘issue’ being the lack of DKIM. I’m on the old vesta panel galaxy server so no DKIM but from what I’ve read it seems a bit heavy handed to block email due to a lack of DKIM.

Maybe I’ll move my boxes over to the newer boxes to see if that fixes the issue. I’m guessing there’s not much that can be done apart from try and get some info from the recipient to see if there’s any details on why it was flagged?

Thank you so much @Jarland, I was about to mention that my billing is up the end of the month so was going to ask about moving over to one of the newer services.

I’ll start migrating my accounts off of Galaxy and I’ll drop you a message once it’s all done so you can shut down the account?

Thanks again @Alento & @Jarland for the feedback and I’ll see how I get on with the new box.

Exactly. Most likely it was their incoming filters creating false positives. :frowning: But who knows for certain … nobody.

Entirely possible this doesn’t help the problem, at the least. I’ve issued you a new service for the same cost, but with 100GB of storage, hoping you might be interested in taking advantage of it. It’s replaced the VestaCP based one in the billing panel so I’ve literally changed nothing with your billing, and the VestaCP service is still in place as-is.