Only webmail works

I have a domain hosted on Godaddy. I set up the MX record and I can send and get emails on MXroutes and see them through Roundcube so I’m assuming I set the DNS correctly but cannot get my emails on outlook, Thunderbird, or gmail imap.
With gmail I get the following error: Server returned error: “We were unable to locate the other domain. Please contact your other provider.”

I opened a ticket a couple of days ago and no answer.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. We are a psychology office and are highly needed just now thanks to the novel Corona virus.

Considering that there is no ticket system, that is no surprise.

Your best support channel would be to join the MXroute support chat at

In the mean time if you PM me with your domain name I can take a look at what is going on possibly. But I’ll only be here a few minutes more. @doctorjay

Also please mention what server settings you are using.

It would be best to reference the “Important Account Information” email for the IMAP and SMTP server, as well as ports. If your email software is failing to connect, it should be assumed that you’re not using this information. It is the most likely conclusion. Perhaps your email client is automatically attempting to set up the servers and you are allowing it to do so, not realizing that it is using faulty data that it discovered through a method that is not to be trusted in this scenario.

You can find the “Important Account Information” email here:

If you can offer me any insight into where you have opened a ticket, I will greatly appreciate it. It shouldn’t have been with us as we don’t use a ticket system, so it may help to understand the steps that led to this so that I can better understand how others might fall into the same trap in the future.

Appreciate your work during these hard times!

Thank you the instruction in the email is different from that when one creates a new account at a domain which says use the for both IMAP and SMPT.

Thank you all very much.

Now to go to the office and set up all the therapists emails.