One or more POP3 connections failed

Here is a screenshot:

I got this warning that my Pop3 connections failed, but tested and the WHMCS is shooting out emails from the support email just fine.

Nothing to worry about? Ignore it?

It happens. It could take as little as some packet loss on just one upstream provider between your WHMCS and our server. As long as it’s working and that was just a quick hiccup, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Thanks Jarland! I’ve confirmed with our server admins that it was just a blip.

I really appreciate getting back to me on it though. Just gave you 5 stars on Trustpilot. Wish they had 6!

I’m afraid a similar issue is back again Jarland. Any idea on the steps for me to take with this one?

This time it’s "One or more POP3 connections failed. But the tickets are showing up when submitted to this WHMCS install…

Okay. I sincerely appreciate you digging even deeper than necessary. Now I KNOW it’s not on the MXRoute side and I focus on getting help from WHMCS folks.

Thanks again Jarland! You’re the man.

I would recommend having your system administrator, developer, and/or web host investigate further, I couldn’t offer any useful information from this side. The number of things that can cause a cron job to fail are simply too numerous to theorize on. For me to provide any useful data I’d need a full report on the event from that side at that time. An MTR to the blizzard server at the moment a connection failure occurred, a detailed output of messages the script received when connecting to our server, etc. I suspect if that level of investigation were done, it would not point to us as the culprit.

I dug in the logs anyway. There were quite a number of hours, from Dec 21 06:55:03 to Dec 22 03:15:08, CET, where it looks like your WHMCS cron job used the wrong password and failed login for the whole time. It picked back up at Dec 22 03:20:02 correctly and has been going since, every 5 minutes, without any gaps or errors on this end.