One Email Account, Constantly Checking for Email


We have one mailbox which is always “checking for email”, on ios mail. All other accounts on same phone having not issues. This happens on 4g/wifi, no vpn on phone.

Are there logs which I can check for issues.

Thanks MHH

The only log standing out to me around this would be a few of these:

Jun 21 17:15:43 echo dovecot[9776]: auth: passwd-file(m@v{censored}k,{your IP}): Password mismatch

Not seeing anything else that looks noteworthy for your domains. You’re welcome to message me on and ask me to run any specific strings through the logs and I’ll grab them when next available.

Otherwise the #1 fix we hear of for unusual issues on Apple devices tends to be remove and add the account back.


That was was my fat fingers, on adding the account back in.