No SSL Detected?

Hello there!
In my MXroute control panel / Product Portal, my product Hosting Information says:
SSL Status: No SSL Detected

Is this normal or have I configured something wrong?
I paid attention and tried to setup everything correctly (which I believe I did but I might have missed something since it’s my first time)
I checked mail-tester and I got a 9.5 the only thing is was a “You do not have a DMARC record”

Thank you very much in advance for the attention and advice!

You can ignore that. It’s part of the ioncube encoded WHMCS module for DirectAdmin, designed to help web hosting vendors sell SSL certificates.


SSL is only required if you are using custom domain’s for webmail and the mail server name. Custom domain setup is optional!

If what I just said doesn’t mean anything to you, then you do not need SSL. :slight_smile:

This is in the billing portal? or the control panel?

Thank you for your input Alento!
I am using a custom domain with SSL and I followed through those steps exactly :slight_smile:
But it still says " SSL Status: No SSL Detected" even though I am able to send emals

Thank your for your input and clearing it up @Jarland and @Alento I appreciate it!
I couldnt find info on it anywhere so It lead me to think I did something wrong .

Much love and have a great weekend!