No CalDav and CardDav


Since the london upgrade to directadmin there is no caldav or carddav support. Is there any other options we can use for our syncing with mxroute?


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At the moment I don’t have a replacement. I would like to implement it on all of our DirectAdmin servers and I do have some ideas, but implementation has been falling short. It does remain on my list of desired items though, and I’ll keep in mind that you’d like it as well.

We are after the same thing, unfortunately I didn’t realise Carddav and Caldav was dropped when I signed up. Does anyone know of Carddav and Caldav host we can use, in the mean time?



Excellent now have everyone set up with Next Cloud and it is working well.


Fantastic solution. I’ve used NC for this very thing before and it works well. Thanks Jarland

I believe NextCloud does that no?

Aye. A small number of users still report inability to log in to NextCloud, so it isn’t plastered everywhere just yet, but for 9 out of 10 users it works fine. It doesn’t seem to be a case where it works intermittently for a user. I’m still working on that part. But if it works fine for you, and it “should,” that’s where Cal/Card live right now.