Nextcloud Group Collaboration?

Hi, it´s possible to have “team collaboration” with Mxroute Nextcloud? Like shared folders and shared Deck? ( maybe only with same users )


You should be able to share things now, but you’ll need to input their email address to share with them. You won’t be able to use features where there might just be a dropdown list of neighbors or anything like that, as Nextcloud isn’t built in such a way as to allow me to restrict that to not just display every customer using it.

I can look into it at next opportunity. There are some features that expose neighboring customers though and can’t be limited by sign in domain, and those I have to avoid.

Thanks! This feature should be awesome… Because of team work

I would like this feature also. Wife and I are using Nextcloud and would like to share calendars and things. Separated by domain would be great.