New Domain - Copy Forwarders

I recently purchased a new domain, and I am going to need to have both domains active temporarily (until I get my 200-300 logins changed from the current domain email to my new domain email).

What is the best way to go about copying the forwarders from my existing domain email account to my new domain email account?

Additionally, is there any step/process/procedure that anyone can think of to remind me not to forget when transitioning from one domain to another?



IMHO the best option would be to export a list of forwarders, then use a script to read them sequentially from a file and push requests to the directadmin API.

The curl command you need is the following (replace the uppercase bits - save for CMD_API_EMAIL_FORWARDERS - with your own values):

curl -s --max-time 5 -u DAUSERNAME:DAPASSWORD/DALOGINKEY -d 'json=yes&action=create&domain=MYDOMAIN.TLD&user=MYFORWARDER&email=RECIPIENT@MYDOMAIN.TLD'

A for-loop should do the trick.

Another option would be to ask Jarland (nicely) if he could import a .csv file.

As per the transition, IMHO:

  1. Set all the forwarders
  2. Move all the emails over via imapsync, imapcopy or similar toosl. This will allow you to see only new messages which could be delivered on the old host during the transition.
  3. Set the DNS properly
  4. After 12/24 hours move any message that could have been delivered to the old mailboxes

I hope this helps.

I may be late to the party, but you could also use a ‘Domain Pointer’.

This will treat everything addressed to @domain2.tld as though it were actually addressed to @domain1.tld.

I ended up exporting the forwarders and then manually entering them into the “Create forwarders from raw data” section one line at a time. It was monotonous, but it’s done now. I appreciate the help you guys tried to provide though!