Need to pay for service now

I will not have access to internet during the 2 weeks from when the invoice is generated to the due date. In fact, I will only have internet access in the next couple of days and don’t know when I will have again.

I’m stuck in the Colombian Amazon with quarantine from covid-19 for indefinite time. Possibly a couple more months.

That’s why I need to pay for my service a.s.a.p.
Can the invoice be generated now? Or is there a way to renew my plan now?

Taken care of. Stay safe!

Thanks Jarland! :slight_smile:

I see you extended the next due date, but don’t see an invoice. Will I still get the regular invoice next month and then I can pay it whenever I get a chance sometime in the future?

Presumeably yes. MXroute is not cutthroat when it comes to suspending or canceling service if the invoice goes overdue, so not to worry too much.

You won’t get an invoice this year.

Ahh, waw. Thanks Jarland!

+1 what @Novice said.

Stay safe friend. We’ll get through 2020!