My really old version of Outlook no longer works with SSL

This change happened recently. What can I do?

As of March 31, 2020 TLS 1.1 will reach end of life. We are removing this from our systems as we run software updates across them. To use secure connections, it is important that you run new software that supports current standards. You are welcome to use non-SSL connections with outdated software, but it is considered a security flaw to allow users to think they have a secure connection when they do not, which is why it is important to continually drop outdated and insecure standards.

I just wanted to add that while the EoL date is officially March 31, 2020. MANY software updates already have begun to depreciate this. So the exact timing of this was beyond the control of MXroute.

The short answer is that all users should regularly update their email clients, just as they should update all software and operating systems!
Another thing to point out is that this issue even affects current release email clients, exposing vendors who are not up to date with modern security practices.