doesn’t work correctly on ios safari

Tried to check a few things on website on IPhone, can get past login screen to the client area but clicking on a service causes the login screen to appear again.

The portal works nice on my iPhone 8 … :thinking:

I was unable to replicate with Safari on iOS 13.1 (iPhone 11).

I have created a screen recording:

When clicking my service it just goes back to the login screen rather than the service page.

Does it do the same without the VPN on? Do you have any settings that might be blocking cookies?

It would appear the new warp mode of the app is causing it. Turning off warp mode fixes the issue so fixing this isn’t a huge priority.

Though this is the only site I’ve seen break using Warp, so presumably some filtering is happening somewhere. I’ll connect to Safari devtools later to see if I can see anything unexpected with the headers.

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