Mxlogin webmail error 500 on specific account

Hello, does anyone know why mxlogin webmail could be failing to load with error 500 for just one specific account? Other webmails i.e. Horde work no problem. Other accounts of the same domain are working with mxlogin without issue. Also, if I click on the Check Email button for the broken account, it takes me straight into the failing mxlogin webmail instead of going into the Choose Webmail screen. I guess the default was set to mxlogin though I don’t remember doing that. How can I again enter the Choose Webmail screen for this account? What’s with the error 500 on mxlogin?

From Chrome console:

“message”:“Internal Server Error”

“Accept”:“application/json, text/plain, * / *”,

“statusText”:“Internal Server Error”,

If you can log in to another account using Crossbox ( and pass that through the “Feedback” in the menu it might speed up a resolution. Otherwise if you want to message me privately at or via and let me know what address it is, I’ll open a ticket with the devs.

Thank you for your quick answer, Jarland. I’ve sent a message through Crossbox’s Feedback option.