MX records have same IP not useful?

My new port from fuse mail to mxroute is working fine so far.
As per my welcome letter using mx records as specified.

Doing a dns check on using
yields a
ERROR: It seems that all your MX records have the same IP(s):
There is no use on having multiple MX records pointing to the same ip.

That seems like a valid concern. I would expect point multiple mx records is redundancy in case one ip fails for whatever reason.

Should I be using a different mx record as an alternate?

The goal of the backup MX record is to reserve the ability to add backup relays later. For the most part backup relays are not a big deal because MTAs have the job of retrying emails that can’t be delivered due to connection failures, which means that downtime does not result in lost inbound emails. However, I want room for unusual circumstances or a change in behavior, and this way no one has to make any changes to facilitate movement in that direction.