Misery with no Track Delivery

Hi guys, we have been customers for years as MXroute had ticked boxes we needed but recently the server migrated to DirectAdmin from cPanel. And we can’t seem to find the Track Delivery function or its equivalent on DA.

The importance of Track Delivery allowed you to check the status report of emails in quick glance.

  • I loved that you didn’t need to sign into every single email just to check if there was any new mail.
  • I loved that it showed you the email timestamp.
  • I loved that it showed you the sender/receiver.
  • I loved that it would notify you of any rejected email.
  • I loved being able to generate Delivery Reports.

I can’t even begin to fathom how much time the Track Delivery feature has saved us. We have hundreds of email addresses that are continually to growing. You just don’t have the time to sign into all these accounts just to see IF there was any new mail at all.
And the amount of frustration it has saved us. There would be times where we would be expecting to receive email but not receive any. But using Track Delivery we quickly discovered reasons why email wasn’t being received (email typo, rejected eg due to spam…etc).

One of the biggest reasons why we continue to stay and support MXroute is the Track Delivery feature. But I am afraid it has been taken away from us. The despair, the dismay…The thought of having to endure this again and again?! As our other domains are hosted on other servers using cPanel that in future may transition to DirectAdmin.
Will all cPanel servers eventually be cannibalized by DirectAdmin?
Would we be able to take refuge on server that does not strip us from Track Delivery?

Track Delivery has empowered us in our daily rituals of checking email.
It is such a crucial aspect in the way we have been operating our emails I just don’t know how we can continue without it.

with a cherry on top,
so you don’t stop,
until you drop,
on a tabletop,
doing a belly flop,
bring back Track Delivery.

Track Delivery, my bae. I miss you.

On the email accounts page in DA there’s an in/out link next to each email account that greps the logs for the account. It’s not as pretty but it does provide a way to get some insights if needed.

We will be transitioning everything to DA. Don’t consider this the final iteration of the product, I just need to get every customer under the same umbrella so that I can continue building out the product. :heart: