Managing Email in a VPS environment (AWS Lightsail)

I’m currently trying to evaluate your service with my limited understanding in email sending/receiving, and I was wondering if it’s suitable for my scenario as described below.

All this while I was using a shared hosting account and managed a few email accounts associated with my domain with cPanel email management tool that comes with a typical shared hosting service. Apart from that, for my android mobile app (, which is hosted separately in an AWS Lightsail instance- IP 111), we send notification emails to our app users by configuring the DNS settings in cpanel as well.

Recently I have moved the main domain from the shared hosting environment to another AWS Lightsail instance- IP 222.

After the migration of my main domain from shared to AWS Lightsail instance- IP 222, now my email accounts are no longer ‘managed’ by cPanel and even the app notifications emails as well.

I was wondering if I can use your service to manage email accounts associated with the main domain and also send app notifications from the subdomain to users.

Hope I have explained my scenario clearly, if not please do let me know.

Based on my initial understanding of what you’ve described, this seems like a perfectly valid and viable use case for our service.

Thanks for getting back @Jarland, is there any way I can try out the service before signing up?

I’m also inclined to sign up for the lifetime deal that’s currently available, may I know what happens if I exceed my package limit of 10GB?

That is correct (discourse needs more characters for me to click reply)

Demand is too high to justify the overhead for trials, it’s too hard to keep stock at our current prices. For upgrading, you can always upgrade to the Small, Medium, or Large plans.

Since the lifetime promo starts at 10GB, I’m assuming you meant I can upgrade to the medium or large plan, right? In that case, my account would no longer be in the lifetime plan, and would turn into a subscription account?

I see… (I didn’t quite understand the reference to Discourse)

oops! the price went up from 125 to 150! :astonished:

Aye. It’s an attempt to keep the sales numbers down. If this doesn’t work to discourage them just a bit, we may soon remove the ability to purchase the lifetime package. It’s very important that it be sustainable by our business plan, and it being too popular isn’t an option.

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