Mails not even reaching spam folder in Gmail or Yahoo

Hi @Jarland!
Thanks for the help you and Louis have given me in the past.

I now have the following problem and I still can’t solve even though I assure you I have invested many hours in learning, testing and trying to solve. Maybe you can give me some ideas on what to try because I have ran out of them.

  1. I am trying to send html emails made with and sent through my erp (Odoo) but they will not get to Yahoo or Gmail, not even reach their spam folder. (This is not for long mailing lists, just mailing to our erp contacts, maybe hundred).

  2. If I send to any another of my emails (same domain) the mails arrive immediately. But when I send to Gmail or Yahoo they don’t even show up in the spam folder. The software shows they were sent and no bounce mail is received. If I try sending to a wrong Yahoo address and I do get a bounce fail mail.

  3. If I use another smtp (in this case Odoo’s own mail server) they to arrive to Gmail and Yahoo.

  4. If I strip the html to just leave a simple text they do arrive to Gmail and Yahoo. So one would think the html is the problem, but why would the html version be received when sent with the other smtp?

  5. The just text html scores 10/10 in mail-tester The html version never arrives to mail-tester.

  6. Tested with Glockapps to several emails including yahoo and gmail addresses and with our mxroute SMTP it got 13% delivery, no Gmail or Yahoo received the mail even though it states “Your email is passed Google Spam Filter” No Spam, No Phishy. Also: DKIM: pass, SPF: passr, DNS: pass, HELO to IP: pass, Sender Score 97, SpamAssasin -0,2. Yet not delivered to Gmail/Yahoo.

  7. Tested with Glockapps with Odoo smtp and got 76% delivery, with all Yahoo and Gmail delivered and not marked Spam.

  8. Have SPF, DKIM and DMARC (relaxed) established on DNS (Godaddy). I think correctly configured.

  9. How can I debug if I don’t have any bounce email indicating why the mail was not delivered? Is it possible to now from the server the reason why they are not being delivered? Should I sent one for you to check?

I have read what you have written over Gmail and others spam filtering but if I send the same email with the odoo smtp, it arrives, so I don’t understand which might be the difference or where to look for it.

Sorry for long message. Any idea what should I look for?


Thanks for doing so much work on this. There are a lot of questions that I can’t answer from a generic perspective. For the most part I deal in getting the email to the accepted stage with the recipient service or bouncing an error back to you if they refuse to accept it. If it fails all of our IPs and gets all the way to the last stage on our delivery attempts, it can retry for up to 3 days before bouncing back. That doesn’t account for much email though, unlikely yours would be found there (most of what sits there are simply invalid recipients or unresponsive mail servers).

Once an email is accepted, and as long as our IP reputation remains solid in all measurable ways, my options for troubleshooting are understandably limited. I’m happy to check into these for you. Feel free to send a message, then message me on with the sender, recipient, and subject of the email. I’ll be glad to trace it and tell you what became of it from our side.

Most likely this is something simple that we can figure out together, as the behavior you’ve described doesn’t seem to match any other situation I’ve come across.