Mail subdomain ssl doesnt work

I bought the service today. I can say Its a great service.

I followed instructions. I can send mails and I can get mails. On the last step(I followed the video on blackfriday site) I created 2 SSL certificate for mail and webmail subdomains. they are cnames.

Webmail worked immediatly. but when ı go mail subdomain It says unsecure connection. How can I solve this? Its been at least 3 hours but still same.

I was visiting on browser. How can I verify that mail subdomain ssl working?

Ok Thank you. btw I put or sometihng similar to smtp field of my code.
Is there any difference If I put Which one will be better for mail delievery and security? I’m using SSL enabled and port 465.

Make sure you’re not visiting it in browser. The mail subdomain is not for web browsers

Email protocols. SMTP, IMAP, POP.

Purely a matter of preference.