Mail routing question

I have a domain that I would like to have some (~5) emails that are on Google and the rest on MXroute.

I have Google in the MX records and it is configured to route addresses that it doesn’t know about to MXroute. This works, with an exception.

My issue is that the setup works as expected for any email not on the domain. However, sending to/from Google using addresses on the same domain doesn’t. Specifically, if a@domain is on Google and b@domain is on MXroute, sending from a to b fails because the SMTP server doesn’t know about a and fails to verify the sender. Sending from b to a gets an instant rejection, since a doesn’t exist on MXroute.

I have been playing with various settings, but haven’t found a combination that gets closer than that.

Hopefully someone knows the (probably obvious :smiley:) setting that I need to set. I am also open to other options if this is a less than wise arrangement.

Thanks in advance!

So this is often referred to as “split domain routing” and there are many sources out there that refer to it as possible, and provide excellent descriptions of how it functions. While I can’t speak to what other services may do to allow it, the best answer for the MXroute side is that it’s impossible. You could probably jump through some crazy hoops and pull it off, but you’ll find yourself here well before you get there:

Hey @origami

While MXRoute does not support handling split routing, it can indeed be used as you were describing. However, note to others, the split routing has to be controlled elsewhere - MXroute does not do split routing.

There is a setting in both cPanel and DirectAdmin to set your mail routing as external, rather than local. This SHOULD solve your problem.

Although it sounds like you solved it by using subdomains … this is an option where you wouldn’t have to do that.

That is an uncannily accurate depiction of the current situation. Would it be doable to have MXroute handle the mail for a subdomain?

Subdomains would probably be the easiest way around it yeah

Many, many thanks! The subdomain setup is working perfectly! :smiley: