Lost access to my account

Hi there,

I volunteer for an organization and our previous tech lead decided to step away. I transferred all of our accounts over to my control but I must borked this one up because my login no longer works. Not sure if I changed the email or the password without updating my password manager but either way I can’t get in. I can provide proof of ownership over the account.


In this case I think the best course of action is for me to email the account that would be used for login, so that you can be aware of what email address was used. It looks like the email used for login is a personal email for you. Check spam folders for good measure (a few people reported our emails as spam, they sometimes land there). If you don’t get it, reply and let me know and we’ll escalate this to a private conversation.

I just got an email about it. I did in fact goof the email into a google account that filtered it as spam. You called it exactly. Thanks!