London Server Changes?

Did something happen to the London server today?

Today the London server was migrated from cPanel to DirectAdmin. Here are a few good points for you to be aware of:

  • If you do not know the password for your former cPanel account, you can click on the product page at, click Reset Password on the left, then click the button to login to DirectAdmin at the bottom. Unless you changed it, the password would have been in your “Important Account Information” email. If you need us to reset the password for you, reach out to @Jarland or @Louis at (accepts your login for
  • You can find some tutorials here:
  • Email filters are created under Settings in Roundcube. Filters did not carry over from the old server. To look at your old filters, for a limited time (Until Nov. 16, 2019) the old server is available at
  • The server is not physically in London, but is close enough to still have very low latency to locals (NL).
  • The “Login to cPanel” button at is not working or fixable at this precise moment, more work must be done on our side before that page is relevant to the change that was made.
  • Catch-all appears to have not been migrated to DA. It’s under “Advanced Features” in the panel.
  • Note that there is a domain selection dropdown box at the top right of the DA panel, you need to switch between domains to see email accounts for different ones.

Webmail choices for London:
Can also do the /webmail at a personal domain with guide here:
(In that guide use in the place of

Email filters are created under Settings in Roundcube

Are all of the filters I made in cpanel gone? I noticed an email that should have gone to another folder showed up in my inbox this morning. Are any of my cpanel settings backed up where I can copy the filters over? I’d hate to have to do all of them manually again.

Some additional thoughts on this change:

It does seem the filter language was incompatible @bolbishvili but I can message them to you from the backups.