Limits and costs

So we are thinking of using your service but we need to understand how scaling an costs would work.

A the moment we host our own mail server for our clients which has around 250 domains with 800 mailboxes and uses circa 350GB disk space. Also we are adding new domains every week so this is growing.

Although we are not planning to migrate all of these immediately it is our plan to eventually do so, so we need a scalable solution. What kind of plan could you offer us and how would this be priced?



Currently the only solution I have to that kind of usage would be multiple accounts with us, where you were able to spread out the usage by deploying domains on different accounts. This allows me to distribute across servers and disk partitions. If a single account needs to be larger than 150GB it’s not currently possible for me to expand much beyond that (maybe a bit of wiggle room, not a lot) point without breaking down our business strategy.

@Jarland This MAY be overkill for this situation, but perhaps it should be mentioned as an option if the option exists …

Some months ago you quoted someone in the MXroute chat for a complete server dedicated to them. What would that cost monthly and what would the specs be? If you’d even be open to doing that? You have had 2 similar requests in the last 2 days … this one for 350gb and another post for 500gb. So perhaps a dedicated server with 2TB storage that you maintain … what would that cost? :slight_smile:

Truthfully about $1250/m right now. If this is something someone wants to discuss, I’d be happy to take that discussion at