Keep getting same spam email since long time

I keep getting a certain email from one specific spammer to all my emails on mxroute since a long time already. Since as far as May at least. This is pretty much the only spam I get in my inboxes.

The name of the sender is always “Aleksandr”.
The subject is usually " Предложение".
The address keeps changing. Here are just a few of them:
info@ ryw3 .ru
info@ aer3 .ru
info@ s1.aer3 .ru
info@ s6.qery .ru
info@ s4.ajng .ru
info@ s9.gtfe .ru
info@ s4.asw7 .ru
info@ s3.svgj .ru
info@ s5.alibend .ru

Are only my emails targeted or are more people getting the same email?

Is there a way to block it?

You can create a filter as it sounds like you’ve been able to identify solid pattern. On the current DirectAdmin servers filters are created in Roundcube under Settings > Filters. On the legacy cPanel servers filters are configured in cPanel.