Is virus scanning of incoming email attachments handled?

On mxroute website features, documentation , and forum, I could not find any mention for antiVirus,
protection from incoming emails that may have virus attachments. for example clamAV,, and other hosting have this integrated in other control panels (cpanels, interworx)

Is this security issue address on mxroute? if so where do I find the details?

We do run clamav scans on inbound email. This happens completely out of your view, you have no interface to control it or view it’s activity (except perhaps a mention the in/out logs in the Email Accounts section). If a known signature is matched, the email is rejected.

Excellent. Might want to list that and spam filtering on your homepage someplace, as I was hesitant to sign up when I didn’t see it. It might encourage potential customers to join. Thanks for fast reply.