Is there an Outlook 365 guide?

I’m trying to add my email address to Outlook, using the POP server ports sent to me in the important information email.

  • I’ve set up DNS records for mail and webmail on Cloudflare
  • webmail is working fine, and sending email works too
  • I tried both encrypted and not encrypted when setting up the email address in Outlook

Unfortunately it just gives me errors, either the server isn’t set up for encryption or the generic ‘something went wrong’.

Seems like no-one else has this problem so maybe I’m missing something obvious.

Try using the server hostname that you’re on rather than your custom mail domain just for a solid baseline. That’s the server name. Just a reminder that these are your ports:

IMAP Non-SSL: 143
POP3 SSL: 995
POP3 Non-SSL: 110

Don’t hesitate to test non-SSL if you need to. If you can connect without SSL and can’t with, using our main server hostname as the one in your settings, it would be odd to find that you were using up to date software. That’s typically a recipe for someone running a system/application so old that it can’t support current SSL standards (in which case it should either be upgraded or used without SSL, because we won’t allow customer to receive confirmation of a secure connection from our server when it is in fact vulnerable).

Thanks for the fast reply Jarland. It’s working fine now - I was misreading my Important Info email and using the wrong ports… Embarrassing. Seeing them listed out the way you did in your reply really helped though.