Is there an option to download all attachments?

One of my users noted the difficulty with downloading a particularly large group of attachments.
Using Roundcube on custom webmail domain, a web search turns up the roundcube zipdownload plugin. Is there any way I can enable this or an alternative solution?

Late reply - but It looks like the plugin in question is already enabled on the default Roundcube install.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the plugins installed when I login to Roundcube (this is the default version provided by MXRoute).


If you were to install your own Roundcube on your own server you could. The Roundcube instances on MXroute’s servers will be shared with all users on that server, and any customizations will be very carefully selected. In this case the plugin in question would have a bit too much overhead.

Of course, Roundcube is merely an email client with no special authority that your own email clients do not share, so you are welcome to connect any email client to our server that may be better designed around your needs.

Here is what it looks like when you open an email with multiple attachments:
download all

Sorry for the double post - wouldn’t let me attach 2 pictures since I just registered.

Me: “It would have too much overhead”

You: “It’s already installed”

Gonna go put myself in the corner now.

Thanks - to both of you. Guess it’s been a while since Jarland’s saw the plugins list. I feel a little bit stupid myself since I’ve seen the option and even used it before.
That solves any problems I had with all normal email attachments - it seems the problem was isolated to one sender using Alibaba email’s unique and inconvenient attachment storage.

All pdfs of a few MBs at most but housed in a truly annoying way, good to know this basic functionality is working though.

You could also try using Crossbox ( instead of Roundcube. It has a similar “Download all attachments” button that may work for what you’re trying to do if the Roundcube version doesn’t.

You can also put Crossbox on a custom subdomain following the branding instructions here: Branding Crossbox | MXroute