Is there an accessible API for DirectAdmin?

Is there a user-accessible API for DirectAdmin accounts? If so where’s the documentation for it?

My main use-case is for scripting the creation of aliases as needed. For personal email, I use a custom alias for every company I setup an alias ( -> for ##### being a random number) pointing to one my general user accounts. Really helps keep track of who gives my email to whom, automated sorting/filtering, and stopping all email from a given company.

It’s a uncommon enough task that doing it manually in DirectAdmin isn’t horribly slow, but having a script that will setup the new alias, generate password, add all the details to my password/login database would be handy.

My searches on the forum suggest that DirectAdmin was construction as an API with a frontend wrapped around it, but couldn’t find anything else about API support. What’s the situation? If there isn’t an accessible API, is one planned at all?

There is. You can use your DA/pass to access it or you can click your username at the top right of the DA panel and click Login Keys to make API keys. Documentation isn’t very good, and isn’t even all in one place. Here’s where their docs start: