Is mailing my client list considered spam?

Hi @Jarland!
I was reading the term of service policies on spam, and would like to know if emailing my own client list is considered spamming or not? Not a large list but maybe 3 or 4 hundred emails.
The mail has unsubscribe opt out option and are from our own erp database.

How can I tell if this would be considered spam before getting myself into trouble?


Thanks for asking!

A good mailing list should be double opt in. This is when they enter their email, you send them a confirmation link, and they click it to confirm subscription. This might not be necessary if you’re personally obtaining email addresses of people you’ve done face to face business with, so long as you aren’t doing business with people who might intentionally give you the wrong email.

You should also be clearing your list of emails that bounce. Maybe they left the company and their email doesn’t exist anymore, etc.

What I’m looking for when making sure our house is clean are high volume sends that have high bounce rates or that I receive back as complaints from recipients.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Seems quite clear. Thanks!