Is it alright to let my primary domain expire?

I have a second addon domain that I’d like to keep, but don’t need the first one anymore. As far as I can tell, domain two mailboxes will be fine even if I let domain one expire?

That won’t be a problem. You could just consider the primary domain to be a dead entry in the list at that point.

I am also considering dropping the domain I chose as the primary when I started my account. Is it still correct that I can just let it expire or is it advisable now that I change the primary domain on the account?

I wanted to make sure that…

  1. If someone else buys the domain after I let it expire, that grants them no ability to mess with my MXroute account.
  2. A bad party buying the domain after I let it expire and using it for spam will not have a negative impact on MXroute sever reputations.

I don’t believe these would be problems but I wanted to check with someone who knows more than me.


There’s a very slight possibility of interference that I wouldn’t consider to be noteworthy, it’s safe to consider the domain entry to be merely cosmetic at that stage.