IPv6 for lisa.mxrouting.net


When will IPv6 be added to lisa.mxrouting.net and lisa-relay.mxrouting.net ?


Great question! At the moment there are no plans to implement an IPv6 frontend, but I will consider this a feature request :slight_smile:

Would be great. I’m asking this because of getting servers that receive my e-mail to trust my e-mail more, and because of the future of course!

I am not sure that I quite understand the correlation as MXroute is not a DNS provider.

You don’t need to be DNS provider to have enabled DNSSEC on mxroute.com and mxrouting.net. :wink:

Thanks for posting! I’ll keep that in mind. I’m continuing to monitor IPv6 implementation trends. I’m sure we’ll implement it at some point, I just want it to be at a time when the return is more in line with the effort. DNSSEC I’m still a bit scared of as I once brought the entirety of MXroute down with one little mistake, and I’ve avoided flirting with it since.


I understand, but it would be great if you can take look at it again because if you want to use DANE, which increases security for SMTP. It needs to have enabled DNSSEC first. As an example protonmail is using that.

I’m interested in IPv6 support as well together with DNSSEC.