IP seems Blocked by MXroute, and no record with unlock page

There is a user who is having about 30 MXRoute email accounts. For some reason, his IP got banned by Mxroute. I’m not sure the reason if there are many accounts accessing the email server in the office. And one more people got banned when he used his home network.

How can I get their IP unblocked and any suggestion for us to do it better?
It’s because there are about 30 people in the office.
Thank you!

Maybe the Unblock IP option from the Support menu in the portal? :slight_smile:

umm I did it but no any result after search the IP.

Then ask @Jarland in the chat, he can check for server specific block. (Often caused by one/more clients trying wrong password repeatedly.)
Might have to wait for his timezone to bring him around :slight_smile: