iOS Push Notifications Progress


I am wondering if there has been any progress with implementing push to iOS devices?



Given that we’re moving away from cPanel slowly (not forcing migrations, just not deploying new services), the focus right now is on our DirectAdmin-based service and beyond. I’ll keep the cPanel services functioning as they are, and upgrade the servers where necessary for performance, but generally won’t be doing much in the way of improving them. The setup that cPanel put in place to allow iOS push was one that I took advantage of, but not something I’ve replicated on other servers, and is not currently part of our DirectAdmin-based deployments.

All this to say I don’t expect to be able to offer this improvement realistically on the cPanel servers any further. If I can do anything financially to make it up to you, because I know I did advertise it at one point, please reach out to me on

I have to admit I only really understand about 50% of your message, I am both new and far from an IT expert. If it is not in the roadmap moving forward that is fine, no need to make up for it. I am just trying to understand what is (and is not) possible).