Invalid Domain .mu

Hi, I just wanted to buy your service as it’s exactly what I am looking for at - however my domain is being invalid.
I assume it’s due to the uncommon .mu ending - but it’s genuine and I’m using it since years go check it’s content if it helps me to earn trust :wink:

Been moving from gsuite to zoho but am not happy with it and now would like to use mxroute. Please allow this domain, thanks :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2020-03-08 at 17.40.13|690x336

Hi @fabianmu !

WHMCS (the billing software) is not super great at updating the tld’s. There are two potential solutions.

You can simply use a different tld to ‘fool’ the system – such as Doing this will have no effect on your service. You will need to add your proper domain to the control panel as described here:

Actually, you could rename the original, or simply add the new and delete the old. All work.


You can wait until staff @Jarland sees this message and updates WHMCS to include your TLD.

Thanks @Alento I’ve just done that, thanks! That approach was also outlined here "Invalid Domain Name Provided" for .dev Domains

Thanks for letting me know. I went ahead and added .mu to the billing portal.