Incoming Email Bouncing 2

We are facing issue in incoming mail from Agoda please white list below emails.

I was not able to find any recently rejected emails that clearly matched this criteria based on the given strings, when searching the logs. Please email with:

Sender, recipient, date, subject if possible, and also if possible the error received by the sender when they tried to send you an email. If you have multiple and expect them to be related, please pick one email to use as an anchor point, we are rarely able to use generic high level data that isn’t specific.

Still same issue, not receive any mail from Agoda

this is the link

I’m sorry I don’t know what to do with that. If you can’t follow the instructions I gave above, I’m not going to be able to help. The details I need to make use of this report are not presently available to me.

That’s probably because you haven’t done a thing to try to fix it, and neither have I, because you haven’t given me any useful information like I asked you to. I told you what I need and where I need it, the ball is in your court. You could email me what I need or come here tomorrow and let us know if it fixed itself without any effort.