I just bought mxrout service an the password i recieved for the dashboard is wrong


I bought the 99$ Plan. I recieved login data for the dashboard but the password is wrong.

I can get into the dashboard by loggging in to the main website and access thze dashboard from there.

Yes i checked for training whitespaces and made sure i exactly put the correct characters


I was unable to replicate. I used the information that was sent in the “Important Account Information” email and it worked fine. If you’re following the steps in this tutorial, I have to assume your browser is doing something that you’re not telling it to:


If that be the case, you may try a different browser or disabling browser extensions as these might be interrupting the data you’re trying to pass to our server.

Meaning from the billing portal? https://portal.mxroute.com, correct?

If so, you can navigate to the same place that you were able to log in via SSO and on the left side of that page, there will be a change password link. You can update the DirectAdmin password there.


thanks the change password form the billing did the job