I am NOT receiving emails from SOME people


I noticed some people are telling me that they are sending me emails (multiple times) but I’m not receiving any of them.

I have disabled the SpamAssassin as well with no luck. I’ve checked the Junk/Spam folder and emails are not there.

So far I’ve confirmed that I’m not receiving emails from EmpireFlippers.com & Quic.cloud but I’m sure there’re more I don’t even know about.

Any suggestions?

I found an email from them delivered on the 23rd to one of your email accounts, into the Spam folder (it’s under INBOX in the IMAP folder structure, most easily viewed without extra effort by using Roundcube and clicking on the “Junk” folder).

I found an email from them more recently delivered to one of your email accounts, also to the same Junk folder described above.

This may simply be confusion over how you’re viewing your email and where you’re looking for email filtered as Junk/Spam. Your email client may not be mapping your spam folder to the same folder that our server is delivering it to when configured using the SpamAssassin settings in DirectAdmin. In that case, as described above, try using Roundcube as your webmail client and look for this (screenshot taken from my personal email):

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 2.06.31 AM

Your email client may require extra steps to subscribe to this folder (INBOX.spam).

While I know that you said you tried disabling SpamAssassin, I did not find any deliveries for the two stated senders that were rejected or delivered elsewhere more recently, only those that I listed and to the folder stated.

Thank you for the quick reply.

I’m having trouble finding these two emails in my Inbox > Junk folder in Roundcube. I’ve already tried that before posting here. Is there any extra steps I need to follow before being able to see them?

I’ve also tried checking with Croxbox & Rainloop but with no success.

Screenshot 2020-03-27 at 08.32.20

I’m using Apple Mail both on my MacBook and iPhone. Is there a tutorial somewhere I can follow to setup my client properly so it does read this Inbox > Junk? I must confess I did no extra setup but I’m seeing a “spam” folder just under Inbox in my Apple Mail account.


Screenshot 2020-03-27 at 08.42.09

I have re-enabled SpamAssassin and changed the threshold to “High Threshold (10.0)” in hope that this will fix the problem.

I may not be able to say anything more with certainty but that they were written there (my view of what happens to the email afterward is generally limited, can’t tell if someone deleted it etc). However, it may require us to work more closely to dive in any further. If you want to reach out to me at chat.mxroute.com (same login as portal.mxroute.com), we can collaborate a bit more privately on it.